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Sorry this is coming late guys. I went to find something to do with my hands and get some cash. Remember the woman that sells akara I told you about in my previous post? Yeah, she did it again today.

Sorry, I’m not going to mention her name. Her son is an area boy. I don’t want anybody that will beat stars out of my eyes. I’m still hiding from him since the akara drama.

I went to her kiosk around 7am to buy my morning energy combo dose of akara and akamu. She looked at me with contempt, and I didn’t spare her my ‘thunder fire you’ look. But business is business, she had to sale to me.

So, she told me that the akara still frying in the pan was already booked by a family. I knew she was just trying to frustrate me, so I didn’t argue or wait. I gave her my N50 and told her to fry some for me. I planned on coming back in 30 minutes for my morning combo.

Fastforward to 30 inutes later. I came there and the akara woman had obviously sold out the previous batch. When I asked her for mine, she told me to wait till she fries another. I grumbled and sat on a bench.

Fast forward to 20 minutes. The new batch was almost ready. She called her son (the area boy) and told him to bring a food flask. Like play like play, this woman put all the akara inside the flask and her son went in with it.

NOTE: If you’re that her son and you’re reading this, please, nobody knows us. Just chill. Please!!!

I was now like, “madam, my akara?”

“You go wait o. That one na for my children.”

“Haba, I’ve been here since morning and you are telling me to wait.”

And we started yelling and shouting and flaring. Lol. People were just looking and pasing. Obviously, no one was ready for her trouble. This akara drama was too much o.

Next thing, that her son came out. Like, that guy is very built. See muscles everywhere. His dreadlocks made him look like a cock, but it also humbled me.

“Madam,” I was angry, “this thing you dey do no sharp o. Na because say na only you de sell akara here.”

“If you no wan wait, oya collect your money.”

She threw an abused N50 note at me. The money was crying and I could tell it felt my grief.

That’s how I ended up eating gala and pure water this morning. I’m still vexing o. Infact it, seems I’ll start frying akara. This thing is now too much.

Do the people selling akara in your area behave like this woman? Have you experienced akara drama? Abeg, let me know in the comments.

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    1. Ahah…maybe the akara you’ve been eating is China made😂. Come, lemme prepare it for you. You must fall in love with it.😇😇

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