fbi and cia girlfriend

My FBI and CIA Girlfriend

fbi and cia girlfriend
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I don’t keep many girlfriends, but the few I keep are awesome. And even among the awesome ones is the super awesome one, the one that can give you whatever info you want. She can dig up anything on anyone; even Facebook posts from 1998 or Instagram pictures from 2001 (don’t ask me how, lol)😎. Yeah, I have a cool girlfriend that can do all these. She is my FBI and CIA girlfriend (yeah, two organizations in one because she can dig up both local and international).

Sometimes, I wonder how she does it. Is she really that jobless or is there this secret organization that girls like her belong to that collects every bit of information about everyone on Earth. You’ll have to forgive my imagination, since I watched Men in Black my life has not remained the same.😜

I can remember one time a number called a friend’s sister. It was a guy. He talked about basing in London and just returning for the Xmas holiday. He claimed he had fallen for her at first sight and wanted them to hook up at a popular eatery.

The regular me ran the number through Truecaller, Facebook and Whatsapp and got nothing. Fortunately, my FBI and CIA girlfriend was with us. She collected the number and promised to get back to us the next day.

I knew what she was capable of. That night, I imagined her sitting before of her laptop and running the number through a top secret worldwide mobile phone number directory (imagine that sort of thing).

Well, I don’t know how she did it. But it turns out she found just who he was. And it also turned out he was not who he claimed to be. It happened that our strange guy was a student of Imo State University and was obviously an upcoming fraudster. My FBI and CIA girlfriend even got his second number, a Facebook account and his personal Whatsapp mobile number.

His Whatsapp profile picture offed me. He resembled a glorified dying smoker in denim and camouflage jackets. He was obviously living a fake life. His Facebook was also nothing to write home about.

Till today she has not told me how she got that number. And I still entertain my unbelievable theory about a secret organization she belongs to.

To all FBI and CIA girlfriends out there, keep up the good work. We appreciate your efforts and contributions to ‘hacking’ impossible situations.😁

Do you have an FBI or CIA girlfriend or boyfriend? Tell us in the comments and leave your thoughts.

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  1. I once worked for a man that can hack things ehn… I’m sure he can hack your great-grandfather’s number…lol.. keep up the good work

    1. Lol…people like that can save lives most times. But being nosy doesn’t anyone too much good. You may end up knowing things that you’d rather leave in the dark.

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