obsessed with moi-moi

Help! I’m Obsessed With Moi-moi

obsessed with moi-moi

This Friday was not just like any other Friday. I don’t know why, but I think karma is still against me for tearing Nana’s Bet9ja slip after he won N12000 and sent a wrong booking code for me. I lost N1000 that day and it was still paining me. I stole his slip and tore it to shreds.

Today, I felt like something was pushing me. I had that feeling you get when you’re about to do something stupid.

Like all other Fridays, lectures ended on time and I was walking to my hostel. Just before I got to Container, I met some of the girls in my department. We started gisting till one of them decided to buy a snack.

Before I could say anything, she had already run-walked into Container. Now, Container is one big hall where different people sale almost everything—including weed.

I was hungry; I did not eat before I left for lectures that day. As such, my stomach did not have the decency to chill or talk to her codedly.

“Cynthia, buy moi-moi for me!”

Immediately I shouted my senses came back to me. Container was almost silent. Imagine me, boss man, faculty executive, big boy on campus. A whole me was shouting for moi-moi.

My village people were already whispering in my head, “…I’m obsessed with moi-moi.”

Just then, Adaku, my crush saw me. I think she was photocopying some books. She started laughing, and the girls in her clique joined her. All eyes were on me, I just wanted to die there.

I tried to senior-man-walk out of there but my legs would not move. When it finally did, I kicked a block and fell into a shallow, dry gutter.

Adaku kept laughing, and I had to stand and face her. On the ground there, I was already thinking of the standing style to use: monkey style, doggy-standing style, Jet-Li style, Chinese get-up, I could not decide.

So I did Chinedu style. I simply allowed the dust to eat me, then stood and tried to clean it off with my handkerchief.

“Are you this obsessed with moi-moi,” Adaku was standing beside me.

She helped me stand and then bought pure water to help with the dust. By now, the laughter of the girls had turned to giggles. No matter what, I don fall my hands.

I decided not to lose completely. I started a conversation with her, and in the next thirty minutes, I had secured myself a weekend date.

The worst part is that the Cynthia I was calling to buy me moi-moi didn’t even hear me. Mtcheeew.

Well, at least I didn’t lose 100%.

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    1. I’d take it you’re not in Nigeria. You could make some for yourself though. I saw a tutorial on Wikihow. Nice having you here, do come back

  1. All this from the abroad people you have here, lol. Me I like moin-moin but I’m not crazy about it. Nice post by the way. Keep up the good job!!

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