not my business


Sometimes going to a banking hall can be very annoying (for me). In Nigeria, visiting a baking hall without carrying a ‘heavy’ bag gives the bank staff to boss you around unless you are ready to throw a tantrum or outplay them.

It starts from the gate. The security people treat you like garbage except some good minded ones with humane minds. They proceed to search you if the electronic doors detect metals and refuse to open. If there is no ‘reasonable’ amount of money in your bag then you have to leave it on the dusty ground. Your things are at a great risk of being lost.

The security men can be like, “oga, salary no too big. Anything for us?”

My look then is likenot my business“see this guys…not my business.”

You manage to get past that stage and find yourself inside a crowded banking hall. Mogbe!😠 The place is stifling, hot, smelling of human sweat plus a few other ingredients. You cannot help but mutter a cuss.

Then when you remember that your Christmas fowl at home is in Dubai when compared to your current situation, you be like😰 “Father Lawd, take my soul.”

Well, you try to console yourself, not my business.

not my business

After standing in a makeshift queue for the better part of an hour, you finally get to meet the customer service staff. Those are the most annoying ones. They are the High Gods of the banking hall. They throw back your questions, make you ‘draw’ your signature a thousand thousand times, and tell you ‘wait, let me pick this call.’

Very annoying.

not my business


After being thrown about for some minutes or hours depending on how serious they deem you to be, three things are involved.

  • Either you get what you came for😀.
  • Or you don’t get what you came for😕.
  • Or you leave with extra problems😤.

Pray to whatever you pray to that you get the first option. If not, the second may warrant you to come back multiple time while you console yourself with ‘…not my business shaa.’

The third option can make you to vex and withdraw as much money as you can, then leave the account to rot.

Either way, you can only continue cussing and swearing and flaring. It is not their business and it should not be yours either.

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  1. What an amazing citation here. Banking hall today is becoming a personal home where you go and cashiers and other staffs will do any nonsense to you. Sometimes I feel like I should just focus on my internet banking and forget facetoface banking.

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